Machine construction and Engineering

With around 40 years experience in all branches of the industry, we are confident about applying our knowledge to any kind of assignment. We are able to realise the best possible results by harnessing your experience in your specific industry, with a constant exchange of data and drawings. Because you are the person with the most thorough knowledge of your production process, your co-operation is essential. Together we will develop a design and, in a later phase, the mechanical and technical-control construction


Import And Export

Over the years we have built-up and maintained relationships in South America, Russia and Asia (India & China).




We are the ideal consulting office because:
- we have years of experience
- we have constructed thousands of machines and equipment
- we closely follow the market for new developments and quickly know what is available, which means we regularly avoid having to design machines that already exist. This requires us to take part in numerous trade fairs and be engaged in countless discussions with representatives. The evaluation of surveyor documents and trade magazines is also important.
- we try to keep abreast of the most suitable graphic software packages to ensure that our drawings are as realistic as possible. 3-D designs make it even easier for unqualified persons to understand difficult drawings, which in-turn avoids eventual construction problems. One is able to obtain an image of the construction even before construction gets underway
- experience is the sum of all mistakes - therefore our experience ensures that you’re in safe hands.

All metal works (as well as plastics etc.)

We can divide these into the following sections:
- Metal removal processes
Turnery- milling (conventional and CNC – small and large series) sawing, drilling, boring, reaming, honing, lapping, vertical slotting, punching, grinding ( round and flat ), plasma and laser cutting, etc.
- Non metal removal processes
Bending, transforming, etc. …
- Casting and injection moulding
Various techniques for: steel, aluminium, cast iron, plastics etc. … often in long series.
- Surface treatments
Blackening, galvanisation, chemical nickel plating (or galvanizing), hard–chromium coating, etc. …
- Construction works
Industrial trusses are not part of this list and we are not equipped for construction work per kilo.
However, we are well-equipped for all other jobs, including large series of small-scale welding, with or without surface treatment.
- Welding systems
MIG-MAG, (CO2 and electrode) TIG, butt welding (big series), laser-welding, etc. …


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